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Sail the High Seas of History: A Renaissance Adventure!

Embark on a Timeless Voyage with The Ren Cruise! Set sail on a captivating 6-day journey where history and adventure intertwine, departing February 17, 2025, from the vibrant shores of Port Canaveral, Florida. Journey to the enchanting ports of Nassau, San Juan, and Grand Turk, immersing yourself in a world where the Renaissance era springs to life with a spirited pirate twist!


More than just a Cruise…

As the Original Renaissance Cruise and Adventure, The Ren Cruise is more than just a voyage – it’s a portal to an era of daring privateers and regal splendor. 2025 marks a special celebration – A Royal Commission. Relive the glory of The Golden Age as you clutch a privateer’s letter of marque, diving headfirst into the riches and thrills of the high seas.

Privateers Trade: Have fun and banter at the bustling Privateers Trade (more info coming), brimming with treasures and trinkets from distant lands.

A Royal Ball: Dance under the stars at our grand Royal Ball, where elegance meets excitement in a spectacular fusion.

A Musical Odyssey: Be swept away by the stirring melodies of R.P. Allen & other talents, setting the tone for a journey of discovery and revelry.

The Pirate Wars: Engage in the thrill of The Pirate Wars, an exhilarating experience that promises both fun and adventure.

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Hailing from Tallahassee, Florida, and cutting his teeth in the southern belt since he was 15, RP Allen is a one-man band mixing alt-rock, indie-folk, Celtic folk, rockabilly, funky swamp blues, and even the occasional sea shanty.  Armed with a suitcase kick drum and an arsenal of handmade instruments from upcycled materials he has entertained everywhere from beaches, bars, nightclubs, festivals, and even overseas!



Hailing from the tri-cities area of TN, the Misfit Gypsies have over 20 years of experience in performing and teaching the many styles of Belly dance at Renaissance Festivals and in studio. They also won the 2022 Renaissance Festival Music Awards Best Dance Troupe! They will be gracing us on the 2025 Ren Cruise and sharing their love of Middle Eastern fusion dance!

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Celtic singer songwriter Kris Colt reveals her past incarnation from the time of her ancestors in Scotland Ireland, England, and Wales as the song bird Black Rose. She is a modern bard, with a lyrical singing style who passionately performs songs of both original and ancient origin. This artist has been on the boards as a performer her entire life in professional musical theatre and especially enjoys her time with her Celtic folk rock act Kris Colt and The Black Rose Band.



She’s Bonnie & Beguiling, Boisterous & Belligerent, Barmy & Bumbling, but NEVER EVER BORING! She’s BELLA THE BARD!

A Minstrel Performing Traditional Renfaire Classics, Medieval Parodies, Bardcore Covers, & Originals. Sure to entertain and delight with songs both bawdy and beautiful.

Where We’re Heading

Port Stops

Set your compass for adventure and discover the wonders waiting at each port! Learn more about the exciting destinations we’ll be visiting below.

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Nassau, Bahamas

Step ashore in Nassau, a vibrant blend of old-world charm and modern allure. Here, the spirit of the pirates lives on amidst the colonial forts and bustling straw markets. Explore the enchanting streets, soak in the sun on powdery beaches, or dive into the crystal-clear waters for an underwater adventure. Nassau offers a perfect balance of historical intrigue and tropical bliss.

San Juan, Peurto Rico

Discover the rich history and vibrant culture of San Juan, where the past and present merge seamlessly. Wander through the colorful streets of Old San Juan, and experience the local cuisine’s tantalizing flavors. San Juan is a treasure trove of Spanish colonial architecture and lively cultural experiences, ensuring an unforgettable stop on your Renaissance journey.

Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

Grand Turk, the capital island of the Turks and Caicos, is a serene paradise that boasts some of the best beaches and diving spots in the Caribbean. Immerse yourself in the island’s laid-back atmosphere eand explore the mesmerizing coral reefs. This tranquil island provides a peaceful escape and a chance to connect with the natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

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